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Rope Access Climbing


Honorable Tree Service is one of the only Arboricultural firms in Rockbridge County, Virginia that specializes in Rope Access Arboriculture. We not use a lift or bucket truck to prune or remove trees. Rope access climbing (RAC) is a highly skilled technique that requires specialized equipment, and demands that climbers maintain upper body strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination. RAC has several advantages in tree care. It allows climbers to access difficult and hard to reach locations without the use of a bucket truck or lift. RAC allows freedom of movement and full access to the structure of a tree, both vertically and laterally. Professional climbers are routinely 100 feet off the ground, often with heavy gear strapped to their harnesses. They climb using ropes that are looped around thick and sturdy branches. Climbers attach themselves to the ropes using a series of complex knots. This system enables climbers to ascend and descend trees quickly.

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